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HIghland Croft needs your help to preserve these important landmarks

Preserve and Promote the Unique Culture and Heritage
of New Hampshire's North Country

Who We Are

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Highland Croft wants to preserve these wonderful structures in our midst and promote the North Country's unique culture

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Who we are (the foundation):

Basically we are a booster group - wanting to encourage appropriate preservation of landmarks and our heritage and culture in general.

Highland Croft Foundation is composed of concerned and responsible citizens who have incorporated as a non-profit foundation focused specifically on preservation of the Highland Croft landmarks and generally on promoting our unique heritage of the North Country.

With serious respect for the need for commercial development, we are looking to work along side of commerce to preserve the best of the past to enrich our very promising future. Our group is non-political and envisions local use of the property with access by the public, for educational and recreational purposes, as they are allowed by the owners. The Highland Croft Foundationís goal is to promote our unique culture and heritage offerings and contribute to the local economy through attracting local and tourist families to events and programs her and in the area while maintaining strong ties to the origins of our resourceful way of life.

Based in Littleton, but aiming to serve the North Country, the foundation aims to advance the quality of life of the North Country of New Hampshire, providing a strong link to our heritage, a preservation of treasured skills and landmarks, and promoting a future for the North Country that is rich with our unique cultural values and quality of life.

Please contact us now to tell us what you value most about living in Northern New Hampshire!

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